Earth from Space is a free eBook describing our planet from a satellite's perspective. Fore more information, please read the About pages.


The "Earth from Space" project was begun mainly for private reasons, expressing the fascination of satellite and all kinds of landscape photos. While still in the beginning "Earth from Space" has evolved to considerable size, currently offering about 310 photos from space together with maps and explanations. An index provides easy and fast access to the information offered on this Web site. Where appropriate, the pages are linked to additional information covered by Wikipedia.

Furthermore, I put considerable efforts into georeferencing the photos by specifying the geographical latitude and longitude of the center of each photo. In addition, each photo is accompanied by a small map showing the location of the covered region. The geographical reference data will be available for download to be integrated into NASA World Wind later this year.

Most of the material is public domain material supplied by NASA or one of its departments. A few photos are from private companies which have been made accessible to the public. Credit is given on the particular pages.

Last but not least, this project nicely fits into my other educational interests which are focused in the free textbook initiative (see VIAS Web site) and the PhotoGlobe project.

I hope you enjoy both the fantastic photos and the information provided along with the photos.

Hans Lohninger, Austria

Last Update: 2011-03-27