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Golden Gate Bridge

Position of center of photo (Lat/Long): [37.82027/-122.47837]

Golden Gate Bridge

Map: Golden Gate BridgeThe Golden Gate of San Francisco Bay (United States) is one of the most recognizable straits in the world due to the Golden Gate Bridge that spans it. This high-resolution astronaut photograph is a nearly cloud-free view of the northern part of the San Francisco metropolitan area. Immediately south of the bridge is the Presidio of San Francisco. Immediately north of the bridge is the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. The bridge itself appears clearly, with its distinctive twin support towers and orange paint.

Numerous boat wakes of commercial and pleasure craft appear underneath and west of the bridge. The shadow of the bridge’s roadbed appears directly to the west of the bridge itself. Likewise, clouds overhead cast their shadows onto the water’s surface. Regions of greenish-brown water in San Francisco Bay mark water masses with differing amounts of suspended sediment that are streamlined by the strong tidal currents that flow through the strait.

Source of material: NASA

Further information: WikiPedia article on Golden Gate Bridge

Last Update: 2011-03-30