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Honolulu Airport

Position of center of photo (Lat/Long): [21.32520/-157.89503]

Honolulu Airport

Map: Honolulu Airport When you fly right over the top of the islands you can look down and see the city of Honolulu near Pearl Harbor (United States). If the weather is good and the air is clear (and it almost always is in Hawaii) you can see objects as small as maybe a quarter of a mile in size with your bare eyes. What matters most for spotting objects is usually the contrast with surrounding areas. For instance there is a large runway (8R if you care to know the name) at Honolulu International Airport that has been built out on the edge of the water that you can very easily see from space since it is easy to pick out against the blue color of the water. With binoculars you can see much smaller objects like ships and individual buildings!

Here you see the Honolulu International Airport runway that juts into the water on the left side of this frame. In the center is Ke’ehi Lagoon and on the right is Sand Island.

Source of material: NASA

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Last Update: 2011-03-30